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PetaApps: Enabling Petascale Ensemble-based Data Assimilation for Numerical Analysis and Prediction of High-Impact Weather 

Sponsored by National Sciencie Foundation (OCI-0904938), 9/2009-8/2013



Xiaolin (Andy) Li (PI)

Graduate Students

Min Li
Rui Yang
Xin Yang
Ze Yu
Han Zhao


University of Oklahoma: M. Xue (PI), Henry Neeman (CoPI), Xuguang Wang (CoPI), Ronald Barnes  (CoPI)
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center: S. Sanielevici (PI)

Project Summary

This project addresses the most challenging problems of very-high-resolution Numerical Weather Prediction, obtaining the optimal state estimations for initializing ensembles of predictions by assimilating the highest volume of weather observations available, and addressing problem sizes and scales that are only attainable on petascale computing platforms. An efficient and easy-to-use programming toolkit for a large class of weather forecasting applications will be developed.


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